What is Light Your Life?

Luz Maria Pardo


Luz Maria Pardo, is the Founder and Excecutive Director of LYL Corp, she is the woman behind a dream that became a reality, she has lived in Canada for 9 years and she wants to give the community the same gratitude she has recieved from this beautiful country, by helping the people who need it most, by offering services like homestay aid for international students, finding and generating connetions with newcomers and help them with legal sttlement and support issues, aslo she loves to work with kids becasue that has been her profession all her life, she has given the community 6 yearly concecutive summer camps and march break camps, that have impacted these children's lives in lots of positive ways, like leadership and social skills, Luz's Famous song "come and sing with me" has touched many lives in our community and in our beautiful city she wishes to be able to keep on providing her services as long as she can.

​ Light Your Life


Light your Life is a voluntary and not-for-profit organization founded in 2010; since last April 2015, the organization is in process of incorporation according to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services policy.



Our Mission


Our mission is providing a space of harmony and healthy interactions among Multicultural low income families with children and youth in order to promote ties of brotherhood, sense of solidarity and activities to involve and keep children and youth productive in sports and activities to grow healthy and develop a sense of leadership and engagement in a multicultural enviroment.