FOYT is a program that provides a great oportunity to get volunteer hours to get highschool Diploma with the amazing chance to combine it with a working experience, because if you are elegible you will be paid for your volunteer hours provided, which means that participants merge the experience of bringing community work and start getting into the formal job screening process as if they are participating in a job oportunity. 


If you would like to now more about FOYT program and check out if you can be elegible, click the link below. 


YMCI As well as the TDSB count with programs that fits perfectly to what Light Your Life needs, people with good will that c has the chance to contribute to the commnity. This program give the oportunity to build your volunteer hours with a monetary compensation. click below for more information and requirements.


International Affairs is a division of Light Your Life Corporation based in Toronto, Canada and Mexico responsible for the creation and linking of international educational programs and specialized products. This division offers the oportunity to participate in the programs provided by Light Your Life, accredit volunteering, practice Language skills, gain Canadian experience, practice educational turism


We have different projects to raise funds and develop comprehensive educational programs and services in Canada and other countries.


Through collaborations with institutions and governments we help to create projects in order to generate a biopsychosocial impact on individuals to improve their quality of life and promote student mobility abroad.

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